Give it an End – 5 picture story

Give it an End – 5 picture story

Activity 3

The Apple

Grüner Apfel vor weißem Hintergrund

On a cool Spring day, Apple started to grow. Months later, Apple finally grew. He fell off of the tree, and rolled down a large hill. He rolled through cities, farms, and prairies. Apple rolled around the whole world but didn’t fell happy. He knew the only thing left to do was climb a mountain. Slowly, Apple started climbing the mountain, a few hours later, he reached the top. He was very proud and knew it was time to grow a tree. As he climbed down, a strong wind blew Apple, knocking him over a cliff. Apple was falling faster and faster toward the hard rock below. Then suddenly…      Finish Apple’s Story!


Activity 4

5 Picture Story


Forest and furniture in Jepara, Indonesia





 Creative Commons License Marco Verch via Compfight

CIFOR via Compfight

Rolling Fire by Ryan Afflerbaugh via Flikr

Easter Fire by Mike Haller via Flikr

Marshmallows by Rjp via Flikr

Thanks for “painting” a smile on my face today! by Feliciah:) via Flikr

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