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My Three Favorite

My Three Favorite

My favorite holiday is Christmas, some things I do during the holiday period are putting up and decorating a tree. We drive around as a family to see the different light displays. We also send cards to my family and friends that don’t get to see. My favorite part is giving and receiving gifts.

My second favorite holiday is Halloween. In preparation, we decorate the house with pumpkins, skeletons and ghosts etc. Then we plan and shop for a Halloween costume. My favorite part of Halloween is “trick-or-treating”, which is going door to door getting candy.

My third favorite holiday is the celebration of the New Year. During this time, we invite friends to parties with games, food, and noise makers. We also watch the countdown at midnight on t.v. and enjoy fireworks.


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Disney World

Disney World

Have you ever been to Disney World? I have been there twice and both times it has been hard to leave (but that might be because I don’t like flying in planes). Besides that, it is still very fun, I went for one week over summer last year and still haven’t seen everything yet. There are activities for every age range and the workers there always do their best to make you happy. If you ever go, make sure you see one of the amazing light/firework shows, I saw three and they were the best firework shows I have seen in my whole life (so far).

There are four individual parks, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. Each park has it’s own fun themes. Magic Kingdom is based on your imagination and basic Disney characters. Epcot has many exhibits on science and human culture. Hollywood Studios has the theme of movie making and acting. Animal Kingdom has animals (surprising) and many activities involving nature.

If you want to go, let me recommend a few things to make you experience better. First, stay in Disney resorts, they have good food, bus/monorail transportation and great shops! Two, Stay there for as long as possible, it is very likely that you wont see anywhere close to all of it if you only go for three or days. Three, get fast passes if you want to make the most of your time, all you have to do is buy one, go to the ride at the specific time it is for and you can go on it once without having to wait in line! If you do end up going, tell me some fun things that you did!

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20% Project Update

20% Project Update

Did you read my last 20% blog post? If the answer is no, I suggest you read that first. If you are reading this, that means one of three things: one – you read my last 20% post, two – somebody told you what my last 20% post was about, or three – you didn’t care about anything I have said so far and you kept reading anyway. Now that around half of you feel guilty, lets see how the project is going. I have not completed any major tasks yet and our second mentor and not yet responded. We are going to have to send yet another e-mail (sigh) and hope that we can do this on the third try. We also need to e-mail the school that we will be (hopefully) doing this at. If we don’t get permission, we will have to try a few more schools that would be conveniently located. If this doesn’t work… I actually don’t know what will happen, but it may involve our project being based on a different activity besides magic, but that won’t happen because of reasons that are reasonably reasonable (I don’t actually know what they are yet…).

December, the month I have been looking forward to since November 30. In this very “cool” month, we will have a few things to accomplish. We will need a mentor by the end of this year, we also need school permission, and finally we need to actually practice the magic tricks that we will do. We have already sent an e-mail to a third mentor but are still working on our permission e-mail. We will mostly get magic tricks for websites, and maybe some tricks that we already used in “Magic Matters 1.0”.

So after reading this (last line of paragraph one), you may see many emotions from me. If you chose to read the area specified in the () about 19 words before that, you can see that I am a little worried. If you still don’t know why I feel worried, the answer is because I haven’t found a reasonably reasonable reason why we will succeed. I also feel proud for typing so much without a hand cramp and not giving up from the many failed attempts we have had. The image below is how I feel about this project so far…

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My Daily Lunch

My Daily Lunch

Everyday, I eat lunch. I don’t know anybody that doesn’t eat lunch in my school. I can’t say this is the most exciting topic to write about, but I kept it simple so I wouldn’t “bite off more than I could chew”.  I try to stay healthy and eat a bag of chips. I always have one bag of chips at lunch, but I also have yogurts. Yum! I got strawberry, I’m not very picky when it comes to food, but I don’t like anything sour, dry, or crumbly. Sometimes I bring cookies, I usually have chocolate chip.

I like seeing what others around me have everyday. They always have different food, and it usually not anything I want. Observing food is a way for me to decide where to sit, if someone has pickles, fish, or anything that smells bad, I go to a different table. Ice-cream is a cool choice but it always melts so if you want my advice, DON’T BRING ICE-CREAM! (on a cone, a plastic container works)

Teller mit Hähnchen-Snacksexpectation!

Grüner Apfel vor weißem Hintergrund reality…


Creative Commons License Marco Verch via Compfight

Creative Commons LicenseMarco Verch via Compfight

My 20% Project

My 20% Project

If you are reading this, one question you may have is, “What is a 20% project?” I am here to answer that. A 20% project is where you spend 20% of you time doing something kind for others. My 20% project is “Magic Matters 2.0”.  It is going to be a class that teaches 3rd and 4th graders fun and simple magic tricks. I will be doing this with my friend Alex

I feel like this project will be fun, but I am worried because there are many things that could go wrong with this. We have until next year, but we have to do so many things before then. I think I will be proud when I finally finish this project.

By the end of this month, we are planning to have our magic tricks ready and practiced. By February, we will hopefully get permission from a school so we can do this. In March, we will have our first class. Also if our mentor at Marvin’s Magic doesn’t respond by November 15, we are going to have to contact someone else.

See my Visual Aide for more information.

My Four Pawed Friend

My Four Pawed Friend

My friend is small, furry, and lazy. My small, furry, and lazy friend is a dog, but I’m sure you already knew that… well I guess you may have thought of a cat, but only 29% of Americans own cats, so it is less likely. Okay so you wanted to know about my dog (If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be reading this… unless you thought it was about a cat) , well, he is very kind, warm, soft, helpful, soft, obedient (sometimes), oh wait I forgot to mention soft… I think.

My dog is one of my best friends, he is always there to eat my pizza, get hair on my bed, and take naps. I think he is the best dog I could possibly have. We share many opinions of things, I don’t like football (American), he doesn’t like football, I like sleep and he likes sleep. He is always by my side (Literally!). Wait, you wanted to know about him and football, okay, so there I was, eating lunch when my Dad leaves to go to unload the washing machine, he left the TV on (football of course) and I was too lazy to get up and change the channel. My dog walks into the room and comes over to me (because I have pizza) and sits down, he looks over at the TV and sees the players running around on the field, he suddenly stands up and walks away (probably to take a nap).

Well, that’s all I guess… I left you without important information, didn’t show you him, I didn’t even tell you what pizza I like. Okay, here it is, my dog’s name is Bandit, his picture is down below, and I like pepperoni pizza. That should be everything, I mean, what else is there? If you have any questions, you can comment them, and I will respond in my free time (I have none). Thank you for your time (Why do people say that? Am I supposed to live longer, and give you a feeling of satisfaction?).


If you looked here during the part where I started talking about a picture, you may have lost your spot. Oh-No

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Give it an End – 5 picture story

Give it an End – 5 picture story

Activity 3

The Apple

Grüner Apfel vor weißem Hintergrund

On a cool Spring day, Apple started to grow. Months later, Apple finally grew. He fell off of the tree, and rolled down a large hill. He rolled through cities, farms, and prairies. Apple rolled around the whole world but didn’t fell happy. He knew the only thing left to do was climb a mountain. Slowly, Apple started climbing the mountain, a few hours later, he reached the top. He was very proud and knew it was time to grow a tree. As he climbed down, a strong wind blew Apple, knocking him over a cliff. Apple was falling faster and faster toward the hard rock below. Then suddenly…      Finish Apple’s Story!


Activity 4

5 Picture Story


Forest and furniture in Jepara, Indonesia





 Creative Commons License Marco Verch via Compfight

CIFOR via Compfight

Rolling Fire by Ryan Afflerbaugh via Flikr

Easter Fire by Mike Haller via Flikr

Marshmallows by Rjp via Flikr

Thanks for “painting” a smile on my face today! by Feliciah:) via Flikr

The Bird – Plagiarism

The Bird – Plagiarism

Activity 2 Hermit Thrush

A simple bird

Brown and white

Sitting on a rock

Enjoying his morning


Looking for other birds

Anxious to fly

Into a cloud

Disappearing into the distance

Leaving only his memory



Activity 1

Plagiarism is when you take somebody else’s work and say it is yours. If I go online and take a picture from a website, I have to give credit to where I found it. It does not matter if the website isn’t the original creator, because you did your job. Depending on what it is, you may need to ask permission to use it for yourself. Plagiarism is serious and will usually involve punishment. (Hint: Don’t Do It!!!)


Picture of Bird- Andrej Chudý via Compfight

Me and My Avatar

Me and My Avatar

This is my avatar. I made it look like this because I like Legos. The smile represents the joy of playing and building with them. The image has a rainbow and a range from black to white. I chose this color scheme because I could not decide what colors to use in it. There isn’t much more to say than that I feel like it looks cool!


My Passion

My Passion

I am passionate about technology. I like everything from computers to phones. I have always loved being in an environment where we use it everyday. I can almost always be found on a computer or laptop (mostly outside of school) playing games, researching, or just watching YouTube.

I use many types of apps on my phone that allow me to do things around the house. For example, I can turn on/off lights or adjust the temperature in the house without having to leave my bed. I think things like this can help evolve our world and make my life easier.Project 365 #226: 140817 And So It Begins...



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